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Clementine v. Eco-Life Holdings Corp, 2016 NY Slip Op 312600 contains a breach of contract for a lease in which the agreement was written in English and Mandarin Chinese. In Clementine, the complainant filed a complaint seeking compensation for the unpaid rent for the rental of a display plate in Times Square, New York. The defendants brought a counter-action against the applicant and a third-party action against the applicant`s managing member, in which they claimed that the defendant had been fraudulently led to sign the lease. We see him every day. Frankly, the Chinese don`t care. They know that such provisions make no sense in China, and they also know that a misspelled and misspelled common law treaty is virtually unworkable in China. So they usually sign without comment, because they know that the foreign side has simply caused itself problems. For example, a U.S.-designed contract often contains several pages in which liability for a warranty is defused. The U.S. guarantee right is broad; China`s right to guarantee is narrow. U.S.

warranty damage is high; The damage to the Chinese warranty is minimal. Under Chinese law, you cannot circumvent your basic warranty obligation. Therefore, the whole exercise does not matter under Chinese law and such a provision is not applied in China. The result is, at best, an ambiguous contract and, in the worst case, an unenforceable contract. In Japan, a domestic company will normally oppose these provisions. In China, the Chinese side will often sign only because it knows that it is dealing with a company that knows nothing about China and that the provisions in China are meaningless. #alllanguagealliance #mandarintranslator #mandarininterpreter #mandarintranslationservices #mandarinchinesetranslator #mandarinchineseinterpreter #mandarindepositiontranslator #mandarindepositioninterpreter #legaltranslation #legaltranslationservices #china #mandarinchinese #mandarintranslation #simplifiedchinesetranslation #simplifiedchinesetranslator #mandarinremoteinterpreter #mandarinremotetranslator Our Mandarin translators and translators, from German to simplified Chinese, are by our side. For assistance with the certified translation of leases and other real estate contracts from English to Mandarin Chinese, contact all Language Alliance, Inc.

We employ Chinese-language translators with expertise in legal and financial document translation services. In addition to Mandarin Chinese deposition interpreters and the provision of Mandarin interpreters for distant depots, we offer deposit interpreters who are fluent in Russian, Tigrinya, Somali, Spanish, Oromo, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Bosnais, Japanese, Vietnamese, Nepalese and other languages. 4. The location of the dispute should go to the district where the Chinese defendant has its main place of business. Many foreign parties will seek an agreement for jurisdiction in a neutral district such as Beijing or Shanghai. It`s a mistake. First, the Chinese courts will simply ignore such agreements. Second, and more importantly, Chinese courts are reluctant to impose judgments on other districts, and they often ignore the injunctions of Chinese courts in other districts.

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