Truth’s words

Truth’s word
1.Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world; it is appeased by love. This is an eternal Law.

2.The fool thinks an evil deed as sweet as honey, as long as it does not ripen. But when it ripens, the fool comes to grief.

3.The sun glows by day; the moon shines by night; day and day and night by night in the right comes to truth.

4. Man proposes, God disposes.

5. Knowledge is power.

6. At birth we bring nothing, at death we take away nothing.

7. Unafaraid

No being is afraid until it gets into trouble.

8. None can help you

If the trouble that you are in is of the kind that nobody can help you out, then your telling anybody about it wan’t help you.

9. Base and mean

Some religionists have contempt for other’s religion. This is base and mean.

10. Don’t Aim too High

People are not satisfied with their own position in life and are always aiming too high.

11. One who Deserves Respect

The person who deserves respect ought to have the qualities of Sila(Morality), Samadhi(Concentration) and Panne(Wisdom).

12.Good Effect and Bad Effect

Good effects stake time to appear whereas bad effects are often instant.

13. Nihilism

It is owing to the doctrine that death is the ultimate and that Immorality flourishes in the world.

14. Selfishness

People look to their own use welfare; they are reluctant to do good to others.

15. Good Motive

If one speaks and acts without a good motive, all one’s speech and acts will be just, as bad.

16. Outstanding

If you want to stnd out from the common people, don’t do what they are doing.

17. Adoration

Concentrate your attention upon the Buddha; it is like living with the Buddha.

18. Self-help

If you can help yourself, you should give trouble to others, thus causing ill deeds by them.

19. Competition

Competition is not always good. The world can be ruined by competition.

20. Upper and Lower

En this world, when one gets to upper class, one holds those in lower classes with contempt. People of lower classes usually have envy and jealousy.

21. Women

In human world, women are very clever. If there is on women in the world, life will be cold and dreary. It would even be difficult for the would be Buddha to appear on the scene.

22. Finger-pointing

People are in the habit of pointing their fingers at others. They don’t point at themselves. If they point at others, they point with just one finger while the other four are pointing at themselves.

23. Earn People’s Respect

In this world, people love you if you are generous; they respect you if you are well behaved, and revere you is you have wisdom.

24. Carelessness

Anyone who lives his life carelessly will have his mind leaning toward evil, and he will always be exposed to ill fate.

25. Happiness

Sukha(happiness) does not beget another Sukha. It can be achieved only by facing up to Dukkha(unhappiness).

26. Unconcealable

In this world ill deeds cannot possibly be concealed. A rotten thing is always detected.

27. Existence

Every being enjoys his own existence.

28. Work for Others

If you don’t work for other’s interests, you won’t have any benefit for yourself.

29. Love and Trouble

What on loves best gives one worst trouble. For every love-object there is trouble. Many love-objects, many troubles. No love-object, no trouble.

30. Opportunity

Opportunity that comes to you is not for your enjoyment , it is for your progress.

31. Don’t do as You Please

Every being feels happy and thinks very much of what he has done when he does what he wants to do.

32. Love

Loving others is in fact loving your self.

33. Think Seriously

Now think about this. Death comes to the old and the young alike. So what shall we do? Think about this seriously.

34. Ignorance

In the world one is likely to commit mistakes because of ignorance.

35. Moderation

If you are too soft, you may be insulted. If you are too tough, you may make many enemies. It is better to behave moderately.

36. Self-canceit

If you are self-conceited you will be earning others’ contempt.

37. Above their Heads

People often don’t believe in what others know because it is above their heads. They think that it is not true.

38. Health

The end of food and nutrition lies in good health.

39. Serous Work

If you are in for serious work, no work is as easy as eating and drinking.

40. Lunatics

“All men are lunatice” is a saying which encourages people to do all foolish acts.

41. Perseverence

In doing any wok, first, you must have general knowledge, second, you must be mentally Active, third, you must choose right from wrond; finally, you must have perseverance.

42. Praying

If mere praying will do, then all in the world will become Buddhas.

43. You Animal

If you are forgetful of doing meritorious deeds, you will be the same as an animal.

44. Self-love

It is true that man loves himself more than he loves others. His close relations and members of his family may not have been intimately associated in previous existences, but he “I” (self) has been with him all along the cycle of existences.

45. Good Luck and Good Deed

Don’t wait for good luck; make good luck by doing good deeds.

46. The Ignorant One

People who cannot grasp the meaning of what a person is doing often say that he is doing the wrong thing.

47. Self-conceit

If you are self-conceited, others will hold you in contempt.

48. Not Be Mere Prayer

You cannot get potential for moral purity merely by praying .You can get it if you practice without praying.

49. Jealousy

In this world the stupid person envies the clever one; the inferior man is jealous of the man in superior position. Such attitudes emanates from malice.

50. For the good of Others

A noble and pure person is one who sacrifices his interest for the good of others. He has to reduce his desires and ill-will.