Sysco Supplier Agreement


11 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Hold Harmless Agreement / Certificate of Insurance (HHA / COI) – Why does a provider have to provide full certified copies of all supplier insurance policies, including all mentions? This requirement applies only to the portion of the provider`s policies that cover the insurance coverage required in the standard certificate and only at Sysco`s request. Sysco does not have the resources to verify or maintain the policies of its thousands of suppliers, but sysco reserves the right if the situation verifies coverage without a subpoena and/or confirms that the supplier has the coverage required by Sysco, subject to the exclusions required by Sysco. 11 5.Freedom of association. Sysco suppliers must give their employees the right to participate and organize freely and bargain collectively, in accordance with the ILO`s core conventions 87 and 98, provided this is not prohibited by existing legislation or imposed by international agreements. 10.Environment. Sysco has a commitment to the communities in which it operates and a responsibility in the environments we influence. Sysco strives to cooperate with suppliers who share this obligation. ARAMARK will inform Sysco thirty (30) days in advance of the implementation of these agreements and any possible changes. In order to recover Sysco`s administrative and physical processing costs related to product recalls or any similar measure in which the product is retained or brought back by the system for reasons of quality or food safety, the following pricing and pricing plan is introduced. Note that this directive covers both Sysco operating companies and all Sysco redistribution centres that carry recalled products. All royalties and royalties described above can be changed according to the previous supplier. encourage its suppliers of SYSCO┬« (including specialty companies) to meet the standards that apply to suppliers of these products.

These standards can be changed at any time and from time to time by ARAMARK and, unless otherwise agreed, are applicable after receipt by Sysco. (5) Some other products. ARAMARK components currently use products governed by agreements with suppliers that set the final price at which the supplier operating company must sell these products to the component (“sales products for sale for sale”). Notwithstanding Section 9, the sale price of fixed-price sales products is the amount required by the agreement with that seller (or calculated in accordance with the agreement). Current sales-priced products include only filler-in-box products of `and ` and `. *. and proposes to ship substitutes. Replacement products are only delivered to a relevant component after approval (i) on Sysco`s order receiving system or (ii) by the component manager (or its representative). A replacement product of a higher quality or quality of the product ordered is sold at the current price at the time of order for the product initially ordered, calculated in accordance with Section 9, unless the substitution is the result of the non-delivery of Sysco by a supplier.

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