• Let go of the past and be willing to fully live in the present. Be willing to change and to grow Often we are afraid to change, to grow, and because of lack of confidence we don’t try our best.

We are responsible for ourselves and our lives, no matter what happened in the past, without blaming anybody. •

Do it slowly and gradually. •

In our life we need balance; we need time four ourselves and time for others.

Meditation is like cultivation the land. •

If we live only for ourselves we won’t feel satisfied. If you really want to be happy, help others to be happy, in whatever way. •

There is no short cut to really developing our inner qualities, there is no easy way. •

The nature of wisdom, the nature of insight is such that if you know that something is good and you don’t do it, you loose your insight. •

Be more mindful, your mind will tell you the right thing to do. •

No matter how much we know if we don’t put it into practice, what is the point of knowledge. •

Take small steps to improve yourself every day, consistently and with determination, it gets easier as you go on.

As long as you head in the right direction and keep going you’ll get there. •

Everything comes and goes, we don’t need to push it away, and it will go away by itself. •

Learning a few things at a time and immediately putting them into practice.

That is the most important thing to do, don’t wait for more knowledge.

Do what you know right now, that will make you know more and more.

Your peace of mind also depends with whom you are association, if you associate with those people who are loving, kind, generous, mindful and peaceful, it helps your meditation. •

Clothing is important; when you meditate it is much better to wear loose fitting clothes, not very expensive, just simple clothes. •

You know that you are imagining, you know that it is not real but even though it is not real it has real effect on your mind and that is the most important thing. •

The answer is it does not matter how long; the only thing that matters is your sincerity.

If you decide right now “I will not harm myself, I will not harm anybody else” from that moment you can start to meditate. •

When the air comes in and goes out , keep your mind on where it touches, keep it there continuously, without any break … try your best ! •

When the mind is not mindful it feels like a homeless person, very insecure, very unhappy.

When you are mindful, you fell really at home, so, mindfulness is my home’. When you are mindful you are at home. When you are not mindful you are on the road going nowhere.

Get in touch with the spiritual part of your self, the beautiful part of yourself … be mindful • This world is a very good place to learn because there are so many difficulties and imperfections. • Difficulties are opportunities to learn, to grow and to become a better person. If you see your life as a long learning process, nothing that happens in your life will be meaningless. Everything will be meaningful. • Buddha taught meditation of hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling on the body and thoughts also, all six, nothing left out. Train yourself to be mindful of all these six senses. • When you experience pain, as long as you can be with the pain endure it, see how your mind reacts. This is a very important learning process. • Awareness of object and consciousness, seeing them as natural phenomena, not being, not a man, not a woman, this is the first insight. • I am only here to help you, not really here to teach you. Only if you really want to learn you learn. Nobody can really teach you. This is very important thing to understand. • Mind and body eating, not ‘I’ eating. Mind and body eating, but we think that I am eating. In truth it is just mind and body process eating. If you can understand that as a process then you have this purity of view. • The more knowledge you have and the more you think, the slower you go. Although you have a lot of knowledge about the Buddha-Dhamma, while you are meditating don’t think about it. • To be really healthy means to have really clear understanding, there is no other way to become mentally healthy. • Loving kindness ( metta ) arises as loving kindness and passes away as loving kindness; it cannot change its nature. Its unique, natural characteristic does not change. It only arises and passes away; that is why it is impermanent ( anicca ). • You feel happy because you are totally detached. Detachment brings real happiness. Attachment is a burden.

Most people mainly feel happy when they get what they want. Real happiness is, not wanting anything. • To want to be free means to want to be pure.

If we really want to be free, we musy purify ourselves: Purifying sila, purifying Samadhi and purifying wisdom.Without purification we cannot be free. •

Our life is the result of our mind.. When the mind becomes pure and noble, it cannot manifest in a lower from of life. •

Thinking is very dangerous, thinking can create so much.

You become emotional also. Real insight is not emotional, it is clarity of understanding, wisdom, there is no satisfaction, there is no enjoyment in this process anymore and that is very clear. •

It is very peaceful but without any attachment even to peacefulness, and there is no desire to escape. • Determination is very important; because once you determine it wholeheartedly your mind obeys. •

In order to understand, the best way is to practice. That’s why the Buddha said it’s unthinkable.

You cannot understand it just by thinking. Nibbana is not something that arises or that happens. We cannot say when Nibbana happens .

Nibbana is a reality which a person who has developed enough wisdom can experience. It depends on his clarity of wisdom.

The more clear wisdom is, the more clearly you’ll experience it. •

Thinking about whether something is going to happen or not, worrying about the future is also quite useless. But that doesn’t man that you should not plan for the future. •

Real life is in the present. Life is not just an idea or a concept, but it is our sensations, our perceptions here and now. •

To be alone is very good, to be lonely is not. • Want is not that bad. Need is more bad because when you say “ I need” that means you cannot live without it.