Directv Equipment Lease Agreement


I search a little on Google and I quickly realize that I have already been. The rental fee, which is not actually a rental fee, is actually a rental fee. What about the $199 I paid for the DVR? It`s also a rental fee. Unless it`s more of a down payment. In most cases, anything that is not premium equipment or channels is accessory things you can avoid. We recommend using your online account to check bank statements and make payments, as talking to an agent over the phone can cost you extra. I, too, am struck with the $50 “new customer” fee. They call it a “credit story” fee for me. It is NOT covered in the 12 points indicated in the customer agreement, but it is a “stealth” tax that they throw because of the unilateral nature of their total contract, oops, I mean “commitment.” (Apparently, you don`t have a contract.) Read your agreement, it is not specified, although their CSR like to refer to this paragraph.

You haven`t found the system yet. Yes, you still have to pay the $4.99 “lease” fee, but you can get so many other fees for free to offset. I was with Comcast, but its customer service is absolutely horrible and its technical support is useless. Almost two years ago, they chose Direct TV. The rent and equipment costs that I don`t own awaits me to get out and like everyone else, the sellers can`t give you a direct answer, why I have to pay so much for the equipment I don`t own. I wouldn`t even say to the fact that when I switched from basic to HD, there was no problem (i.e. no charge) and if I did, they wanted 300 dollars and I refuse to pay to update the receiver for my other TV. My HD DVR has attached me, so they send me a new one, but my contract (in my head) expires in a few months and at that time I hope on U verses (I don`t think they`re a savior, but I feel like I`m nickel and with DirectTV Called and asked for a discount offer for Direct TV.

Announced $100 off to myself, and no one they wouldn`t take for the $39.95 monthly fee for Rcvd equipment, and called to confirm the discount information that the installer would not take. They didn`t tell me a problem, but I couldn`t ask for the discount for 30 days. As I thought it was wrong, I called back a week later and received the same information. I didn`t suspect a fault and I was expecting my first few months for the $39.95. When I received the bill, it was for $69.41, and I called it, why wasn`t it what I had agreed to? They said it was because the discount information had not been applied and I could request it online now. I asked if I should pay the bill, they would put the credit in my account, and she said no, and it would take another 8 to 10 weeks to apply it. I told him that this was NOT what I had agreed, and they now expected me to refund the rebates prematurely, and that they would return my own overpayment to me later. I then told him that if they were so, that they were buisness, that I did not want his service to render me for the amount of service I had used and his equipment. You said it.

Later, a seller, (I have his name in my files), called and asked what it takes to keep my service with them, I replied, very simple, just respect our approval of the discount and the agreed price of $39.95.

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